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Resources for Your Well-Being

Ingredion offers a range of prog​rams to support well-being and promote physical, emotional  and financial health.

Your IngredionRewards include many valuable programs which help make day-to-day living less stressful due to illness, financial challenges or family problems. ​Start by clicking on a program below to take advantage of these great resources.  ​


Staying Well with Interactive Health

Our well-being p​rogram is a free benefit aimed at reducing preventable diseases and helping Ingredion employees make healthier lifestyle choices. This program offers you and your eligible spouse or domestic partner the opportunity to measure and improve your health, reduce your risk factors for diseases, improve your fitness level, eat better and learn about the many ways you can stay well.  And, best of all, it's free to employees.

Our Partner is Interactive Health Solutions
Our partner in this program is Interactive Health Solutions (IHS), a reputable wellness program provider with 500 corporate clients and 5 million members. IHS provides the information and administrative systems we need to operate a program of this scale. You will enroll on to take advantage of the broad array of information and services available.

Earn Financial Incentives for Participating
Best of all, you can receive financial incentives just for participating. You and your eligible spouse or domestic partner can receive up to $350 each in cash incentives when you complete certain incentive requirements. Employees who are not enrolled in one of Ingredion's medical plans can earn a $100 cash incentive for completing certain incentive requirements. Details are on the Interactive Health Solutions website.

Your Results are Private
Ingredion will never receive any individual results of the medical testing. However, the company is provided with aggregate information for the entire participating population and for locations with at least 40 participants. This allows our sites to have the information they need to help measure improvement and target education efforts to areas of risk.

Get Started

To get started, go to http:// and click on the "New User" button. To register, enter code: LPYJS. Please note that you must enter your name exactly as it appears on your pay stub to match the information IHS has been given by the company. If you are unsure how your name appears, you can access your pay information via iPay by clicking on the following: If you are having difficulty registering, please call Interactive Health Solutions at 1-800-840-6100.

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