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Domestic Partner Coverage

You may enroll your eligible domestic partner (same or opposite sex) in the same medical, prescription, dental and vision options that you elect for yourself. ​Domestic Partners may only be added to coverage during Open Enrollment.

Unless your domestic partner qualifies as an IRS tax dependent, the cost of domestic coverage for these plans is deducted from your salary after taxes and the value of the coverage is reported as imputed income to the Internal Revenue Service.

You may also enroll your domestic partner in the Optional Personal Accident Insurance Plan and the Dependent Life Insurance Plan. Further, you may also elect coverage for your domestic partner’s eligible children who reside with you on a full-time basis. You will need to provide a copy of each child’s birth certificate in order to validate eligibility.

You and your domestic partner must meet the following criteria to qualify for coverage:

  • You must share a committed relationship with each other, intend to do so indefinitely, and have no such relationship with any other person.
  • You must be jointly responsible for each other’s welfare and domestic obligations.
  • You must reside in the same household.
  • You cannot be related by blood to a degree of kinship that would prevent you from marrying each other in the state in which you reside.
  • You must be of legal age in your state of residence.
  • You must be mentally competent to enter into a contract.
  • You may not be married to a third party.
  • You and your domestic partner must sign an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership before coverage can begin. You must return the affidavit prior to the close of the formal open enrollment period.

NOTE: Coverage for your domestic partner remains intact for the duration of the plan year unless your partner obtains medical coverage from his/her employer or you dissolve the domestic partnership. Please be aware there may be certain benefits offered with favorable tax treatment for which the domestic partner and domestic partner’s children cannot take advantage. Please consult your tax advisor regarding applicability in your specific situation.

The company reserves the right to change eligibility for this coverage, revise eligibility and/or criteria, as well as request documentation to validate initial and ongoing eligibility at any time.

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