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Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your beneficiaries from the loss of your income due to your death. Ingredion offers life insurance at three levels


Basic Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance pays a cash lump sum to your beneficiary when you die while you are covered. Ingredion will provide basic life insurance at no cost to you. You will automatically be enrolled for basic coverage that includes a benefit of 1.5x your base salary.

Supplemental Life Insurance

Supplemental Life Insurance coverage can be elected during Open Enrollment. You can add to your basic coverage by purchasing supplemental coverage. If you cover yourself, you can then buy supplemental insurance for your spouse and/or children. You pay for supplemental coverage with after-tax payroll deductions. Rates for supplemental coverage are dependent on your age bracket as well as tobacco use.

Optional Dependent Life Insurance

Optional Coverage can also be elected during Open Enrollment. As an alternative to supplemental life insurance coverage, you can purchase optional life insurance coverage for your spouse and/or children. You pay for optional coverage with after-tax payroll deductions. If you elect optional dependent life coverage, you will pay a flat monthly rate, regardless of the number of dependents you cover. You may purchase coverage as follows: Spouse: $10,000 and Child(ren): $2,000 (per covered child).

Life Insurance beneficiary designations should be made during enrollment and can be updated at any time through the Businessolver​ website.

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