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Compare Plans and Rates

Below are rates and other plan parameters for 2023


2023 Monthly Plan Rate Comparison by Enrollment 

PlanEmployeeEE + SP/DPEE + Child(ren)Family


2023 Medical Coverage Rate Comparison 

Plan FeatureHSPHRP
DeductibleEmployee Only$1,750 $750
Employee + One or More1$3,500 $1,500
CoinsuranceIn-network preventive care100% paid for by the company
Non-preventive care
including specialist
80% paid for by the company2 
20% paid for by you
In-Network Out-of-Pocket MaximumEmployee Only$4,000$3,500
Employee + One or More$8,000 $7,000
 Savings OptionsHSAFSA

​ ​

1In the HRP, once the individual deductible is met for one person coinsurance applies for that person's medical expenses.
In the HSP, the entire family deductible must be met before coinsurance applies.

2Services performed at Blue Distinction Centers are covered at 90%.

2023 Prescription Drug Rate Comparison by Medical Plan

Rx Plan FeatureHSPHRP
 DeductiblePreventive drugs are not
subject to the deductible
All drugs are not subject
to the deductible
Non-preventive drugs are subject to the deductible
 Retail (30 day supply)Generic $10 copay
Formulary 20% coinsurance ($30 min/$90 max)
Non-formulary 50% coinsurance ($80 min/$240 max)
 Mail-Order (90 day supply)Generic $20 copay
Formulary 20% coinsurance ($75 min/$225 max)
Non-formulary 50% coinsurance ($200 min/$600 max)

 Do my drug expenses count 
 toward the Out-of-Pocket Max?



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