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The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected the world in many ways.  You may have been affected by health, financial, mental or emotional issues, or even just trying to cope with being at home with the kids all day and finding things to do.  Whatever the situation, Ingredion's Benefit vendors have supplied various resources to help you through these difficult times.  

Review the resources and use them as needed.  Please take the necessary precautions to be safe and stay healthy!

BCBSIL - MDLIVE COVID-19 What You Need To Know
Cigna - Finding Child Care Resources
Cigna - Health Advocacy Services for COVID-19
Express Scripts - SilverCloud Enrollment Instructions
Express Scripts - SilverCloud Overview
Fidelity - COVID-19 TipsforVolatileMarkets
Fidelity - Managing Your Budget Through a Crisis
Fidelity - Replacing Lost Income
Fidelity - Using_HSA_during_Coronavirus
Health Advocate - Coronavirus-SupportingAt-HomeChildren
Ingredion - Important Enhancements to Your Benefits Coverage
Interactive Health - COVID-19 Health Tips
Magellan - Coping With Isolation During COVID-19
Magellan - COVID-19 10 Pandemic Coping Tips for Adults
Magellan - COVID-19 Financial Resilience
Magellan - Tips for WFH During COVID-19
Stress Relief Guide